Important information for 5/10/2020

Let me begin by saying how thankful I am for each of you. We are in the midst of an unprecedented moment that could be filled with second-guessing, doubts, and fears. And yet in the midst of it all I continue to hear stories of love for one another, trust in the Savior, and commitment to the church. Thank you!

As you have certainly heard, as of this weekend the state of Missouri has cleared churches to begin having in-person services again. While we are excited about the prospect, we understand that reopening the church does not indicate that everything is back to normal.

So, the Elder Leadership Team has decided together to resume in-person services at Mercy Hill Church. This is due to a theological conviction that the very nature of the church is that we are a body that gathers together around Christ and His Word. We want to highlight this important aspect of the nature of the church and take advantage of the opportunity to open our doors again.

We want to highlight a few things as we think about reopening the church building:

  1. Sunday School will meet on Zoom at 8:45 and will and end by 9:30 to give people enough time to drive to the service if they so choose. Let us know if you need to receive the link to join in.
  2. We are not offering any in-person Sunday School classes, children’s programs, or nursery. Parents are asked to keep their children with them in the service. This may get noisy. That’s ok. Those are signs of life. Kids are squirmy and don’t like to be quiet. We can handle it and even welcome it!
  3. Bob Adams will be greeting everyone at the door to give you the traffic flow plan to help us navigate the social distancing we’ve been asked to observe.
  4. We are recommending that you wear a mask if you have one. No one will be turned away if they don’t have a mask, but please don’t come if you are or have been sick or think you may be sick.
  5. We are limiting seating capacity to 50 people. Based on the survey we took (great job getting that back to us), our building can accommodate those that responded in just ONE service this week. We may need to adjust the number of services in coming weeks, but we will just have one service on May 10.
  6. We will shorten the service and are providing coloring pages and crayons for families with young children. You can pick up a clipboard with the coloring page on the way in.
  7. We’ve marked the traffic flow on the floor with yellow tape. Please observe this pattern when you enter and exit the sanctuary. If you need to use the restroom, be careful to observe social distancing. We are limiting restrooms to 1 person/1 family at a time. After washing your hands use a paper towel to open the door, and then hand sanitize using the station outside the bathroom as you make your way back to your seat.

Over 60% of you indicated that you will be staying home and watching the service online. We understand and support your decision whole-heartedly. Let’s shower one another with grace and love as we seek to be obedient to what God is calling us to as a church. We want to be a people that know and demonstrate the mercy of Jesus to everyone around us. That includes people with different thoughts about the current pandemic. I’m looking forward to this Sunday as we look at Colossians 1:24-2:5 together, and seek to be Centered on Christ! Know that we love you the affection of Christ! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Pastor Aaron (on behalf of the elders)
817-239-5661 (cell) (email)

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