Newsletter – May 1st, 2020

Remember to check for updates in 2020

Upcoming Events:

  • Church Email addresses update: The MH Church staff have updated their email addresses to better serve you. The updated email addresses are below:

    Pastor Aaron –
    Kayla Dowdy –
    Allison Miller –
    Information –

  • Sunday School on Zoom (Sundays): at 9 am, Curt Poore will be leading Sunday school over Zoom. We will provide links and everything you need to know when we get closer to the date. 
  • MH Church Family Teams: You should have received an email from Pastor Aaron stating that you are on a Family Team. These teams were designed to help us stay in touch with one another, and make sure every one is up to date on information through this time.

    If you have questions about this, did not receive an email, or don’t know what team you are on, please contact Pastor Aaron at

  • All the info for Sunday Service:
    We realize not everyone has Facebook, so we will be strictly streaming from our YouTube page (Mercy Hill Church Youtube Page). We will still post the link to our Facebook Page, but please forward this link ( to anyone you can so they can stay in the loop.
    We will also be posting the order of service Saturdays with lyrics so you can follow/sing along at home- so please check back here or on the app for updates!
    • Ways to Give from Home:
      We as God’s people and the church, especially through this time, have a responsibility to give – for our missionaries, our leaders, and our church. Giving is also another way we worship God through obedience.

      There are several ways to give right now:

      1.) Mail in a check to the church
      3757 MO-25
      Jackson, MO 63755

      2.) Give through our website.
      Go to

      3.) Give through the app
      Go to “Donate” in the MH Church App and follow the instructions

      4.) Go to your bank and set your tithe as a “Bill Pay”
      Call you bank for instructions.
  • 2020 Member Directory: We will be updating our directory to better serve you. In order to do this, we ask that you please fill out this form so that we can update your information, add you into our system, and keep you in the loop with updates! Mercy Hill Connect Form

Important Updates:

  • Shelby Kate and Campus Outreach:

    Shelby Kate- Campus Outreach:
    Shelby Kate McCord recently shared about her new job opportunity working for Campus Outreach. She shared how we as a church and individually can help support her both prayerfully and financially. She currently needs $1782 in monthly support. If 18 people were willing to give $100/month then her goal would be reached! Pray and consider if God would lead you to this amount or another according to your financial ability!

    Mercy Hill Church has prayerfully committed to supporting her $200/month out of the church budget. We are also prayerfully encouraging 32 individual members to commit to $25/month (or some other amount) to help raise up an additional $800/month for a total of $1,000 to be raised up from Mercy Hill Church.

    Here is her video, link for prayer updates, as well as her giving link.

    Video link:

    Prayer email updates:

    Giving link:

    Campus Outreach | The Village Church


  • Mercy Hill App:

    We are excited to announce that we have an app so you can stay up to date with everything going on at Mercy Hill Church. The app includes: notifications for the weekly newsletter, a calendar of events, a Bible feature, online giving, and so much more! (The app is free to use and does not require payment to access)
    iPhone users:
    -Download the “Sharefaith” app in your App Store.
    -Open the app and where it says “Find Your Church” type in “Mercy Hill Jackson”
    -Next, for the App Icon click “My Ministry”
    -Lastly, it will ask if you want push notifications. This is so you can be notified of the newsletters every Friday, or so you can be alerted if there are any changes to any events/services. Press “Allow” or “Allow notifications” if you want to receive these.
    -Congratulations! Your app is set up and ready to use!

    Non-iPhone/Android users:
    -Go to your Play Store and search “Mercy Hill Jackson”
    -Install the app
    -Open the app to finish set up
    -Congratulations! Your app should be set up and ready to go!
    *If this method doesn’t work, please refer to the method above*

    If you have any questions or difficulties, see Rus Miller (iPhone), Kacey Davis (Android), or Kayla/Austin Dowdy (either) after service on Sunday. Thank you!


  • Prayer Request Chain: If you have a prayer request and would like to be added to the prayer chain, or you would like to receive the prayer chain, please contact Joy Friedrich at




  • Prayer Request Chain: If you have a prayer request, or would like to receive the prayer request chain, contact Joy Friedrich at


  • Kid’s Tribe Help: If you are interested in helping with Kid’s Tribe, we are looking for volunteers. Please contact Allison Miller for more information. Contact:


  • Nursery Help: If you are interested in helping with the nursery or teaching, we are looking for volunteers. Please contact Clarinda Unger ( or Jean Norman ( for more information.


  • Worship Ministry/Tech Ministry:

    If you are interested in joining the worship team, or tech team, please contact Kayla Dowdy at We’d love more singers, drum players, bass players, guitar players, and keyboard players (you do NOT need to be a virtuoso to join– just a passion for God’s work and music!). As far as “tech” goes, as long as you know how to click a mouse or use a touch screen, you can do tech!


  • Meal Train Ministry: If you are interested in providing meals for those who are sick, for those who are in need, or know someone who is in need of this ministry, please contact Casey King (


  • Baby/Wedding Shower Ministry: Contact Kacey Davis at this email address: for baby shower ministry.


  • Handyman Ministry: If you need help with or consultation for a maintenance project at your home, we have a group of people available to assist. If you need help, or if you want to be a part of this ministry, please call Kent Zimmerman at Kent will connect you with one of the members of this team.
  • CarePortal, through director Shelly Girard, connects children and families served by the Division of Family Services directly to participating churches in our area. Through the generosity of our local churches, our area is one of the most impactful in the nation. If you would like to contribute to these families, just respond to the CarePortal requests that are emailed periodically or let Teri Burke know. 573-275-4767

    Hope for One More places children into foster care when they are removed from their own homes. Paul and Patricia Aydelott work on counseling and reunification with the parents as a first option. If you would like to become involved in helping with foster care, please call Crissy Mayberry (573-979-5774) or you can talk to Teri. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a foster parent-there are so many ways to serve!



  • Kids’ TRIBE: Kids’ TRIBE is worship for kids from kindergarten through fourth grade; it takes place during the Sunday morning worship hour. We also offer extended session (ages 3-5) and a nursery (infants-2) during the worship service.


  • Wednesday Activities: Choir at 9:30 am and Bible Study at 10:30 am


  • Women on Mission: Women on Mission will meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at Mercy Hill Church.


  • JUL’s: On the 1st Thursday of every month JUL’s will meet for lunch.


  • Newsletter: If you would like to add anything to the upcoming newsletters, or find any discrepancies in the news flier, please contact Kayla Dowdy, at Please have information to be added sent in by Thursday at 12 PM or it will not make it into the newsletter! If you are interested in doing the newsletters for Mercy Hill, please also contact Kayla Dowdy

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