OCC October Update

We’re less than one month away!

Thank you for all of the items donated to Operation Christmas Child. This Sunday we will have a special showing of what this Christmas Shoebox Ministry is all about! We have only 3 more Sundays to finish packing before we take them to the distribution center. So far, we have packed 41 boxes (our goal is 150). If your family would like to pack your own, there are boxes available in the sanctuary.

In October, we are collecting toys, games, and craft kits. Some specifically requested items are: small balls, frisbees, Etch-a-Sketch, tool sets, and Lego sets. Also needed are marbles, hacky sacks, toy cars, finger puppets, slinky, plastic toys and figures (nothing war-related), jump ropes, sewing kits, playing cards, flash cards, silly putty, harmonicas, yoyos, and compasses. Some items specifically requested for boys, age 10-14, are small hammers, nails, screwdriver, screws, LED keychain, Duct tape, tape measure, and small fishing kits. The tools, nails, and screws must be in original packaging.

Other items we are running low on: scissors, rulers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, small notebooks/pads, picture books, socks, washcloths, and toothbrushes. Thank you for all your generous donations!

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